Intelligro’s CIVITAS Turf Defense is now approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a plant protection product with stress tolerance technology.

The product debuted more than six years ago as a preventive fungicide, but Intelligro said golf course superintendents have known that CIVITAS Turf Defense offers turf management benefits beyond that of a preventive fungicide.

“The new CIVITAS Turf Defense label now reflects what users have known for years,” said Reinie Drygala, Intelligro’s global sales manager. “This product has been on the U.S. golf market for over six years, and today we can truly share the full scope of its capabilities and what that means for superintendents.”

CIVITAS Turf Defense works with the plant to provide stronger turf that is more resilient to stress. The stress tolerance technology triggers the plant’s inner strength to better protect against biotic and abiotic stresses. Intelligro said academic research and in-field use has shown that turf treated with CIVITAS Turf Defense can be irrigated with up to 25 percent less water than non-treated turf, while still maintaining acceptable turf quality.

“Changing market conditions and increased environmental regulations coupled with our commitment of creating smarter growth for a better world has put us right where we need to be to best serve our customers and their needs,” Drygala said.

Intelligro is a division of Suncor Energy, an integrated energy company and is based in Mississauga, Canada.