Painted Industry Green

Progressive Turf Equipment offers the Pro-Flex 120B contour rough mower that is painted industry green. Appealing to a golf course superintendent’s focus on course aesthetics, the industry green paint offers a “complete package look” when paired with other industry green equipment, according to the company. Now customers can chose either the traditional Progressive red paint or the industry green livery depending upon which tractor they operate. Other than the color, the features and specifications of a GREEN Pro-Flex 120B are exactly the same as a RED Pro-Flex 120B contour mower. (pictured above)

Disease busterCombo Zeor

ZeroTol 2.0, a broad-spectrum bactericide and fungicide, offers golf course superintendents a tool for controlling harmful pathogens such as dollar spot, brown spot, snow mold, anthracnose, gray leaf spot and summer patch, among many others. The active ingredients, hydrogen peroxide and peroxyacetic acid work on contact and biodegrade quickly, making OMRI-listed ZeroTol 2.0 an environmentally friendly product.

HOLDit chemistry is compatible with ZeroTol 2.0. An easy-to-use drift retardant, HOLDit is specifically engineered for use with BioSafe Systems’ line of products. The polymer formulation locks in the active ingredient, allowing HOLDit to keep BioSafe products working longer, increasing efficiency and effectiveness.


Tree pruner

The Stihl HTA 65 fixed length pole pruner is the newest addition to the family of Stihl lithium-ion battery KombiSystem products. Powered by advanced 36-volt lithium-ion battery technology, this cordless pole pruner is hassle-free, saving users time and money by eliminating the need for gasoline and two-cycle oil.

The pole pruner is cordless — there’s no motor or filter maintenance — and it starts with the squeeze of a trigger. That variable speed trigger switch also makes fine and accurate cutting jobs effortless with operator-controlled chain speed, according to the company.


Mosquito control

Terminix, a provider of termite and pest control services, offers Attractive Targeted Sugar Bait, or ATSB, a patented technology distributed exclusively to Terminix by Universal Pest Solutions LP for mosquito control on golf courses. This environmentally friendly solution contains sugar from fruit extracts and encapsulated garlic oil that are safe to use around people, pets and food. The sugar in the solution acts as a bait and the encapsulated garlic acts as a gut toxin. The mosquitoes are attracted to the bait, eat it, and then die. Terminix mosquito control services are now available in Terminix branches across the country.

Reel mowers

Allett USA has launched its professional range of reel mowers, featuring roller-driven walk-behind and ride-on mowers that produce excellent playing surfaces, according to the company. The new range of Allett mowers include the Buffalo and Regal models, capable of producing an excellent finish across a wide range of grass types and mowing conditions, even in wet conditions.