To help mollify concerns with alleged issues regarding a generic fosetyl-Al fungicide, Environmental Science, a division of Bayer CropScience LP, announces that Bayer does not manufacture, nor does it have any relationship with ArmorTech ALT 70 Fungicide a generic product currently pulled from shelves due to alleged turfgrass damage on Bentgrass and Poa putting greens, collars and approaches.

Recent allegations surrounding compromised turf caused by a generic fungicide have superintendents concerned, particularly in regard to active ingredients. Chipco Signature manufactured by Bayer – a  member of the Stressgard Formulation Technology line – shares a similar active ingredient with ALT 70, but offers an entirely different formulation that has been trusted by superintendents for more than two decades. The formulation varies significantly from the generic and distinguishes Chipco Signature in the market. With a 20-year history, Chipco Signature has maintained the reliability, turf quality, plant health and turf safety that turf management professionals have grown to trust. To date, there have been no reported issues with Chipco Signature as it relates to the voluntary recall of ALT 70.

“At Bayer, we understand the critical importance of selecting effective and reliable products to help keep turfgrass performing at its peak, particularly on greens,” said Mike Hirvela, fungicide product manager for the professional turf and ornamentals business at Bayer. “While alleged issues have been reported by other products, Bayer has remained fully committed to developing cutting-edge technology with plant health and turf safety in all weather conditions at the core of its business. Additionally, we offer world-class support with our Green Solutions Team to help provide superintendents with the ultimate reliability and peace of mind they’ve come to expect from Bayer.”