The National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) has honored Broken Tee Golf Club in Englewood, Colorado, with the association’s 2015 Player Development Award. The club will be presented the award at the association’s annual conference held in conjunction with the Golf Industry Show later this month.

Photo Courtesy of NGCOA.

Photo Courtesy of NGCOA.

According to the award criteria, the honor is “bestowed upon a course which has implemented a true and tested player development program, providing effective return-on-investment and an overall welcoming atmosphere for new golfers of all ages.”

The club took an “all in” approach to grow the game, starting with a careful analysis of Englewood and its surrounding area to determine attitudes towards the game, local needs, and desires. What resulted is now considered the nation’s most comprehensive commitment to growing the game.

Broken Tee’s player development activity includes a Hole-N-One Junior Program which features one-hour lessons with PGA professionals, a play day on the par-3 course, and a closing barbecue extravaganza. The club also offers discount lessons to parents of Hole-N-One participants.

Broken Tee has also teamed with Colorado PGA to provide lessons to local elementary school students. Four lessons are taught on campus as part of each school’s physical education program and students are then shuttled to the club for a final lesson on the practice range.

A Par-3 League has been created for golfers aged 8-17 that teaches golf basics, including making tee times, purchasing balls, using the ball dispenser, checking in with the Pro Shop and starter, arriving in advance of scheduled tee times, keeping score, and establishing a handicap, as well as stressing proper golf etiquette and honorable sportsmanship.

Broken Tee also has Golf 4 The Disabled which offers instruction to physically and mentally challenged players, young and old. Players new to the game learn in a comfortable setting while recently disabled golfers learn how to adjust their game to fit their new lifestyle.

There are also Get Golf Ready programs aimed at women new to the game or returning after an extended absence. A Quick-6 program offers six holes of golf for $10 and requires approximately 75 minutes to play and helps golfers transition from the Par-3 course to the Championship Course.