Bluejack National, a community and championship golf course in Montgomery, Texas, currently under development, has recently registered as a member of the Audubon International Classic Program becoming the first and only Classic Program member in the state of Texas.

Created over nine years ago, the Classic Program was designed for projects involved in changes on their property.

“Through this program we work with landowners as they go through construction and then assist in establishing a maintenance program that focuses on natural resource management,” says Nancy Richardson, classic program director.

“Environmental sustainability is a priority to everyone connected to the Bluejack National property,” said Eric Bauer, director of agronomy for Bluejack National. “We are all stewards of the environment, so being the first Audubon International Classic Program member in Texas is a proud first step in our partnership to preserve the legacy of the land.”

Besides Bluejack National, currently there are 13 Classic Program members in five countries (Canada, Singapore, China, Indonesia, and Bahamas,) and four states in the United States (Florida, Tennessee, Washington, and New York).

Based on the environmental framework provided by Audubon International, Classic Program members design and then implement a Classic Program Management Plan (CPMP) for the property by addressing the following issues: Wildlife Conservation and Habitat Enhancement, Water Quality Monitoring and Management, Integrated Pest Management, Water Conservation, Energy Efficiency and Waste Management. The designation of Certified Classic Sanctuary is contingent upon the quality and completeness of the NRMP and its implementation keeping in mind that the property is an already disturbed land area.