Working as a golf course superintendent has its good and bad days just like any other job. The first day on the job is a nerve-wracking day for many and the first few weeks are full of learning experiences and mistakes.

We took to our Facebook page to ask our golf course superintendents what their biggest mistake was as a first-time superintendent.

Here’s what they had to say:

Paul Richard Flanagan: Burning fire breaks that got away and burnt two hotel rooms down! Turned out the owner replaced them with six more and the insurance excess was covered in 2 months after completion.

Tim Copeland: Three superintendents that graduated from Clemson got invited to Clemson University – The Walker Course to give their opinion/advice on an improvement list that I had compiled after the course was not built correctly by the contractor…. this was requested by the Finance Corporation BOD that financed the course as an arm of the university. They never called me to let me know they were coming. I never called them out in their unethical behavior…until now.

I should have confronted them.

I learned many valuable lessons during my four years there that I have used in my career. You can learn more from being shown what NOT to do than by doing the right thing…

Bill Bartee: Aerified bermuda fairways in the fall (instead of summer). Really embarrassing! There was so much poa that, to the untrained eye, it look like I’d done a really bad job of overseeing the fairways. I was so young and dumb.

Chris Dunn: Trying to do too much at one time.

James Sims: Spending too much time working and not taking the time for family.

Rodnie Bermea: Not lowering HOC on greens to transition out the over seed.

Bryan Vice: Aerifying 2 weeks before our biggest outing of the year & not getting a complete heal before the event.

John Karas: Dismiss application the next day after a heavy rain.

Ricky Barber Jr.: Not properly diagnosing/controlling anthracnose​ and nearly killed all the greens.

Jamie J Borowski: Starting too many projects at once and not having the resources to finish them properly.

Gary Slatter: Not wearing sunscreen.

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