The other day I texted an order for some fungicide to my local rep. I looked back at the text after I had sent it and read what I typed. The text read:

Matt, could I gets jug of Trinity?

Gets jug. Yikes. It got me wondering about past texts. I took a quick gander back through my phone’s messages.

To one of my workers:

Will you tell Earl to do 8 green after he’s done with 8 green?

To my wife:

Can you pick up Alena from school?

We don’t have a daughter named Alena.

To my assistant:

Would you poop it down on the office table for me? Thanks!

Still haven’t heard the end of that one.

About three years ago I swore I wouldn’t enter the modern-day texting frenzy. Then I bought my first iPhone. So much for that. In fact, I’ve had my iPhone 6 for a few months now and realized the other day that I haven’t heard it ring much. Every communication I get is a text or social media message.

When did we stop talking to people?

I think texting is an effective way to quickly get a message to someone. It’s not only instant, but it allows us to multi-task (not while driving, though!) as well, something a bit more difficult when talking to someone on the phone. Problem is, we tend to rely on it a little too much and, as is often the case, clumsy fingers sometimes type out things you definitely never intended.

Moral of the story? I guess to try and use the good old-fashioned phone every now and then and, when you do text or message, double check your words before hitting “send.”

Otherwise, who knows what you’ll find on your desk some afternoon.