If the trees on your golf course were attacked by pests or disease, would you know what to do? Get ahead of potential concerns by proactively protecting your trees from major threats. Founded by arborists, Arborjet is a plant health care company focused on providing the most effective formulations and delivery systems to protect trees, shrubs and plants from a wide variety of insect, disease and nutrition concerns. Using Arborjet’s products and systems, you can protect your trees by using an environmentally-sound application method you can apply during operating hours — even while players are on the course.

Superintendent recently spoke with Arborjet technical director Zac Purinton on how Arborjet can become an important tool in your maintenance routine.

SUPERINTENDENT: Can you describe the portfolio of services that Arborjet offers for golf courses?

ARBORJET: Arborjet provides solutions for insects, diseases, nutrient deficiencies, water management and the equipment to deliver the chemistries. Our products are particularly helpful to protect trees that cannot be sprayed, or are particularly susceptible to insects and diseases that conventional methods can’t control. Along with our tree care products and equipment, we offer a full line of botanical and organic sprays for shrubs and flowers around the property.

Should I treat on my own, or hire a company to make my applications?

With training – and Arborjet’s customer support – making applications in-house is not difficult at all. Doing the treatment yourself depends more on how many trees you will treat and how much time you can dedicate to that task. Many of our users are self-taught or have only watched videos, with no in-person training. Once comfortable with the equipment and how to calculate the total material needed for the tree, it is as simple as drill, set and inject. Typically, a tree can be treated within 30 minutes, from start to finish.

However, most areas have at least one Arborjet service provider. If you have limited staff, or only one or two trees that require treatment every two years, it might not be worth the cost of purchasing the equipment and chemicals, so contracting it out might be the best option.

What are the major pest threats today? Are they different than they were in the past, and do you expect them to be different in coming years?

There are several invasive pests across the country. The most destructive insects that Arborjet deals with are emerald ash borer, polyphagous shot hole borer and pine bark beetles. For each of these insects, one injection of our TREE-äge® or TREE-äge® G4 insecticides would provide two-year control.

Diseases play a major role in tree decline also. Oak wilt, sycamore anthracnose and Dutch elm disease can all be controlled for at least one year, usually two years, with one injection of our Propizol® fungicide.

One of the biggest issues we have begun tackling is drought tolerance. Applied separately or together, NutriRoot® and Shortstop® 2SC will bolster fine root development. Even with very effective treatments, eradicating the issues is nearly impossible. We don’t see any of the problems going away soon.

What kind of damage — both physical and financial — can those types of pests do to a golf course?

Often, trees that have been attacked will die and need to be removed and replaced. When that is the only option left, the cost can range from $750 to $1,500 for an average-size tree or thousands for larger trees — not to mention the effect that losing a mature tree would have on the playability of a hole, the beauty of a clubhouse or the protection of one hole from another. Even with our most expensive applications, you could treat a single tree for a decade for what it would cost to remove and replace it.

There are usually only a handful of old, often-beloved trees on most golf courses, and they often have meaning to the course owners and members. What can Arborjet do to help keep those majestic trees healthy and strong?

From our injectable chemistries to our soil-applied water-management products, Arborjet can provide solutions to keep your specimen trees healthy and thriving for years to come. Using environmentally conscious technology and our 2-Step Program, Arborjet continues to revolutionize plant health care.

If you are responsible for maintaining the trees on your golf course, then Arborjet tree injections can help. To learn more, visit Arborjet.com/resorts-golf-courses or call 781-935-9070.

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