Aquatrols Corporation of America has received significant patent protection in Japan for its Seed Enhancement Technology.

This is the first patent issued in what is expected to be global intellectual property protection for the Seed Enhancement Technology. The inventor named on the Japanese patent is Dr. Matt Madsen, Research Ecologist at the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service and long-time Aquatrols cooperator.

Dr. Madsen expressed excitement about the new patent protection. “This patent is a significant step for us as more countries recognize the innovative nature of what we are doing to optimize seed performance using simple strategies,” he said. “It is clear that this technology can improve seedling success when water is a limiting factor, something that will have major implications in many parts of the world.”

In replicated trials worldwide, Aquatrols Seed Enhancement Technology has shown to improve seed establishment under deficit irrigation conditions and aid seed germination in water repellent soils. The technology is expected to have widespread applications in the turfgrass, agricultural, and native seed markets.