Aquatrols Corporation of America says it’s continuing its support of the Fluid Fertilizer Foundation (FFF), the research and education arm of the fluid fertilizer industry.

Founded in 1982, the foundation is a non-profit organization that provides research and educational funding for continued improvement in the application and efficiency of fluid fertilizers. Aquatrols has been a member of the FFF since 2013.

“Our continued support of the Fluid Fertilizer Foundation is representative of our serious commitment to changing the way the world grows,” said Nick Gadd, director of global marketing for Aquatrols. “We believe our technologies can play a major role in optimizing crop production while reducing groundwater contamination and other negative impacts on the environment. Through research, outreach, and education, the Fluid Fertilizer Foundation is working to improve the efficiency of fluid fertilizers, resulting in a more sustainable future for growers and consumers. We are proud to continue our support of this organization.”