The golf course maintenance industry isn’t without a few jokesters, who were in good form on April Fool’s Day.

Audubon International issued a press release announcing that Bushwood Country Club had been denied its request to be designated as a “Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary” through the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf. The nonprofit organization, Audubon International, which promotes sustainable practices for businesses, resorts, communities and developments worldwide, denied Bushwood’s request for certification citing major documentation deficiencies, regulatory violations and the illegal use of military explosives in their resource management practices.

Tara Pepperman, director of cooperative sanctuary programs at Audubon International, stated that several violations led to the decision. “I examined their shoreline buffers, irrigation practices, herbicide and fertilizer use, turf management and, most importantly, their wildlife management practices. Not only did they not meet any of our environmental stewardship standards or best practices, they appear to be violating at least one state law on controlled substances.”

Charlotte, North Carolina-based Jacobsen announced on April 1 that it had developed the world’s first invisible walking greens mower.

“Following in the footsteps of the industry’s first and only all-electric and true hybrid ECLIPSE mowers, Jacobsen has again raised the bar with the TotalEclipse 2000 — a mower that is completely invisible to the naked eye,” the press release stated. “Leveraging advanced cloaking technology from Textron, the new TotalEclipse is unlike anything seen (or not seen) in the history of turf maintenance.”

“This is the product no one saw coming — literally,” said Chris Fox, product manager for Jacobsen.

Bo Gus, superintendent at Fools Gold Golf & Country Club in Madeup, Missouri, had this to say about the new mower: “We love them; the quality of cut we’re getting is out of sight!”