Superintendents looking for an effective nematode solution for the critical fall control window can now try MultiGuard Protect and receive a cash rebate of $ 250 for every 10 gallons purchased before December 4, 2015. Details and redemption information can be found at here.

Nematode protection is especially important in the fall. At this time of the year in preparation for the winter months, turfgrasses need to build up carbohydrate reserves, accomplished through a healthy root system. Uncontrolled nematode activity can cause a reduction in a healthy root system, causing a reduction in carbohydrate reserves needed to sustain a plant through the winter. The reduction can lead to weak turf that is slow to green up in the spring and does not compete well with cool-season overseeded grasses.

MultiGuard Protect is a safe, natural, non-phytotoxic nematicide that doesn’t leave harmful residues. Naturally derived from sugar cane, MultiGuard Protect is an environmentally friendly way to manage nematodes on contact that doesn’t cause physical damage to turf when applied per label recommendations. The product is meant to be applied as a program approach to nematode management, with 3 applications on 21 day intervals (see label) applied both during the fall and spring season timed with the plants’ root growth cycle.

Registered by the US EPA, MultiGuard Protect can be used on established sport and athletic fields, golf course turf such as tees and greens, practice greens, spot treatment on fairways, roughs and also on turf and sod farms.