This week isn’t just about the U.S. Open. In addition to being the week when all eyes in the golf world are on the fescue at Chambers Bay, the week of June 15-21 is also Pollinator Week.  Some golf course superintendents have taken the term “pollinator friendly” to a new level, by adding beekeeping to their list of professional duties. Follow these guidelines to create a more welcoming atmosphere for bees on your golf course.

Five Tips for Creating Pollinator-friendly Practices

 1. Welcome pollinators to your course by choosing pollinator-friendly plants. Honeybees prefer blue, yellow, or bright white flowers that have large landing surfaces and shallow shapes.

2. Plant a variety of flowers that bloom throughout the growing season to provide continual pollinating opportunities.

3. Grow native flowers and plants. They will adapt better to where you live and provide a familiar food source to local pollinators.

4. “Bee” responsible by always reading and following label instructions when using any pesticide products. Make sure to choose the right product for your problem, and apply it correctly.

5. Download and use a pollinator-friendly planting guide app from your smartphone or mobile device.

Source: Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment.