Representatives from industry suppliers expand on what the concept means to their companies and the message they’re trying to convey to superintendents. A3328_2

Rachel Luken Thompson

Manager, Advanced Design & Technology


Describe what sustainability means to your company.

For Jacobsen, sustainability focuses on creating the best outcomes for the operator and the environment. At Jacobsen we continue to find ways to make products that enhance sustainability and reduce environmental impact. We are also strongly committed to continual improvement of pollution reduction – as evidenced by our commitment to ISO 14001 certification in environmental management. By using this environmental management system (EMS), we are able to quantify monitor, and control the impact of our operations on the environment.

Through your sustainable efforts, what message are you trying to send to superintendents?

Our goal is to provide superintendents with a way to do their jobs more efficiently and at the lowest cost possible – while presenting superior conditions. Over the years, Jacobsen has used innovative, forward-thinking technology to reduce natural resource consumption. We are the only golf turf equipment manufacturer to use biodegradable oil to reduce consumption of standard mineral hydraulic oil and diminish the risk of turf damage in the unlikely event of a leak. Also, with the E-Plex mower line in the 1990s, Jacobsen/Ransomes was the first mower company to introduce electric technology to golf course maintenance products. More recently, we expanded our environmentally conscious technology with the ECLIPSE line of walking and riding greens mowers, available in all-electric or true hybrid power systems. By integrating social and environmental considerations into purchasing decisions, golf courses can help drive sustainability.

Are golf courses doing a good job of embracing sustainability? Why or why not?

Customers are asking more and more about fuel consumption, hybrid technology, bio-friendly oils and our company’s environmental practices. Reducing the impact we all have on the environment just makes good economic and business sense. The combination of these two elements goes a long way in helping golf courses embrace sustainability.