1. BIOSYST microbial inoculants

Humate International revealed new university trials that tested its BIOSYST microbial inoculants and Humate Ag granular products during the course of two years. Results reveal that its organic protocols allowed for the control of anthracnose and dollar spot to a similar level of traditional chemical treatment programs. The research proves that healthy soils with high-energy organic material and a balanced, active microbial population is a viable preventive when managing high-quality turfgrass, according to the company.

2. Rev Turf Pro Formula

DAKOTA’s Rev Turf Pro Formula is an organic growth stimulant and is formulated for golf courses by improving cation exchange capacity, nutrient holding and water relationship. According to the company, REV has a probiotic response that will aid in assisting biological diversity and health and will reduce disease and pest issues.

3. Humic Coated Urea

The Andersons’ HCU (Humic Coated Urea) granules are a nitrogen source featuring urea-humate fusion. HCU granules contain fulvic and humic acids that provide a carbon source for maintaining and improving soil biology. This product is 100 percent soluble for use in both liquid and dry applications and can be applied to all types of cool- and warm-season turf, landscape, nursery ornamentals and specialty crops.

4. Soil Technologies Corp

TurfTech Bio-Mega is a 100 percent natural product that is used to supply plants and soils with a total microbial ecosystem. According to the company, Bio-Mega has a shelf life of two years when stored under ambient conditions. Bio-Mega mineralizes nutrients in the soil for use by turfgrass, fixes environmental nitrogen in the soil, builds soil organic matter and improves tilth and regulates soil pH.

The KCS Liquid 2-0-15 is a combination of potassium, calcium and silica and strengthens grass blades. According to the company, KCS Liquid 2-0-15 promotes upright growth of turf blade, higher tillering and closer growing nodes, develops root depth and new root hairs and thickens cell walls of turf and helps retain nutrients.

5. Pinpoint Fungicide

Valent U.S.A. Corporation and Nufarm announced that Pinpoint Fungicide has been registered as a new tool for controlling dollar spot in turfgrass. Pinpoint is a member of FRAC group 11 and is used preventively in a rotation program.

6. Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies

Crystal Green is a 99.6 percent pure, crystalline granule phosphate fertilizer. It’s recovered from a renewable resource and, according to the company, it’s the most sustainable and least carbon intensive source of phosphorus.

7. Exteris Stressgard

Bayer Environmental Science introduced Exteris Stressgard fungicide, a combination fluopyram and trifloxystrobin product, for broad-spectrum foliar disease management on fairways. It combines its new Leaf-Cote formulation technology that provides improved product retention on the leaf surface, with Stressgard FT, which bolsters plant health and turf quality, according to the company. The product features flexible application rates, timing and conditions that fit into a preventive or curative program for treating dollar spot, brown patch, Microdochium path and leaf spots.

8. Multi Pro 175 with Geolink Technology

Toro’s Multi Pro 175 with Geolink Technology is a GPS spraying solution that is designed to maximize efficiency and minimize chemical costs by eliminating overspray. GeoLink was developed by Toro in partnership with Topcon Positioning Systems and the system is available in both Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) and Real Time Kinematic (RTK) correction system configurations. The latter allows the Toro sprayer to be accurate and repeatable to within 1 centimeter of set parameters.

Toro’s new GreensPro 1260 greens roller features split stainless steel smoothing rollers, overlapping heads and a quick latch coupler with a 60-degree pivot handle. On this new model, the drain for the hydraulic oil is now located on the bottom of the machine and the drive system features a hydraulic drive motor that powers the traction roller. The GreensPro 1260 will begin shipping in summer 2017.

9. Divanem

Syngenta unveiled Divanem, an abamectin-based namaticide based on its Avid product that has been reformulated for greater movement in soil to target depths where pests are most active. It features broad-spectrum control on tees, greens and fairwarys and is safe for use on all turfgrass species, and trials show improved root mass and quality, according to the company. Syngenta also rolled out GreenCast Turf App, a free record-keeping application designed to streamline and house tank-mixing records. The mobile tool allows users to input sprayer details, volumes, driving speed and area to generate a specific tank-fill plan for products and water volume. Recommendations can be saved and exported for future reference.

10. 8900A Fairway and Rough Mower

John Deere unveiled its 8900A fairway and rough mower, a unit that combines the chassis of the 8700A, the cutting units of the 2653B, and the all-wheel-drive traction system of the 9009A. The mower features a 55-hp diesel engine, 26-inch or 30-inch cutting units that enable a mowing width up to 130 inches, 8-mph mow speeds, improved overlap on tight turns, and other features intended to improve efficiency. John Deere and OnGolf also rolled out OnLink, an enterprise resource planning platform that allows superintendents to collect data and manage equipment, labor, water, chemicals and nutrients and playing conditions. Subscriptions for the cloud-based system will be available through John Deere Golf dealers and OnGolf.

11. Drone Technologies

Precision Turf Technologies displayed its drone services for turfgrass health analytics that use drone flight operations and spectral imaging sensors. Its cloud-based dashboard and reporting tool provides actionable data to make more strategic decisions regarding labor deployment, treatment applications, water usage and master planning. Precision Turf Technologies offers full-service solutions, including flight operations, data processing and analysis, dashboard reporting, drone sales, FAA drone exam prep and flight training services.

12. RG3

Cub Cadet has delivered 15 RG3 units and has five more customers taking delivery early this year, according to Jeff Everett, director of golf products. The robotic greens mower allows an operator do a variety of maintenance during the average 45 minutes it takes the unmanned unit to mow and roll a green. The unit eliminates operator error and adds 50% productivity to staff, according to the company. Cub Cadet also unveiled Productivity Plus, a webbased labor planning tool that allows users to assign and track tasks. The tool will be available as a subscription this year.