• Lights, Camera.Turf
    Will Schnell ensures the Rose Bowl field is ready for the limelight
    By Lawrence Aylward
  • Fall Formula for Fertilization
    The key is to provide enough nitrogen for turf to make it through winter, with enough available left over to wake turf up in spring
    By Jim Black
  • Techno Revolution: On the Mark
    GPS-guided equipment can provide more consistent, accurate sprayers that superintendents need, manufacturers say
    By Lawrence Aylward
  • Talking Insecticides
    What kind of insecticides do you think superintendents will use 20 years from now?
  • Control Center: Fall Infections
    Don't underestimate the chance of turf disease this autumn. Here's what to watch for and how to control it
    By John C. Fech and Loren J. Giesler

Golf & Water Supplement

  • Irrigation Ultimatum
    Water is scarcer and costlier, but golf courses can continue to operate successfully if they're willing to change.
    By Lawrence Aylward
  • Watertight Wares
    Industry suppliers offer an array of options to help superintendents become more efficient irrigators.
    By Lawrence Aylward