Bernhard Opens New Facility

Company chairman says he's thrilled with the results

A two-year building project, a stack of vision and a huge commitment to the business has led to the opening of the new manufacturing and training facility for Bernhard and Co. in Haverhill, England.

The project was conceived and driven by Company Chairman Stephen Bernhard, who said he is thrilled with the results.

"We started our business way back in the early 1800s and it's grown year on year, in the same group of ancient Victorian buildings in the town," he said. "We really had to expand the manufacturing space and upgrade the facilities. The training and education side of our business is growing all the time, so we needed a dedicated area for that as well as a demonstration area for user and staff training."

Manufacturing Manager Shaun McCarthy said the building was designed to a very high spec.

"It is efficient and eco friendly and is light and airy to work in," he added. "It was important for us to have flexible space, and the design can be adapted from a cellular structure into a linear very easily.

The formal opening occurred on Oct. 18 and was jointly performed by Pat Finlen, director of golf course maintenance operations of the Olympic Club in San Francisco, and Peter Todd, director of golf operations at the London Club and previous chairman of BIGGA.