It Has Its PERKS

Phoenix offers early incentive program

Phoenix announces the return of PERKS - Phoenix 
Environmental Rewards Kustomers)  -an early order incentive program for 2012 purchases.

PERKS continues to give golf course superintendents the flexibility of deciding how to spend their rewards, make a donation or sponsorship, obtain distributor  credit or a  refund or redeem  for a gift card. Once superintendents make a minimum qualifying purchase of 100 points, there is no limit to how many PERKS points and rewards can be earned.

All products in the PERKS incentive program must be ordered by Dec. 15 with delivery taken by March 31.

Check out the PERKS Alert for all details. Examples of donations or sponsorships include golf or turf-related organizations, turfgrass  and superintendent associations, university turf  programs and industry associations, such as local and national GCSAA chapters or the Wee One Foundation.