Superintendent Magazine - October, 2012


Focus On: Golf Course & Driving Range


The auto-sifting Shake'n Rake is easy to transport and allows for precise spot cleaning of bunkers while performing daily raking or edge trimming. The high-speed, up-and-down motion mimics manual lofting for efficient sifting. Using rechargeable battery power, the reciprocating motor lofts up to 10 times faster than possible by hand.

Reliable Golf Course Supplies

The Tee Sentry features brilliant LED status indication and digital four-channel wireless technology. To save battery life and keep from attracting unwanted attention after dark, it comes with a built-in automatic day/night on/off sensor. The automatic reset timer is operator-selectable for a one to 15-minute time-out.

Aqua Greens

Floating targets and island greens for aqua driving ranges and golf courses. Provides custom designs, product installation and maintenance programs.

Best Litter Receptacles

Tee/driving range dividers are designed to deflect golf balls for safety and come in ground or surface-mount models. The 8-foot golf bag stand is available with or without a bench.


The Sand-Dancer bunker rake comes in 15- and 25-inch models with oval heads that smooth the sand in one pass and 60-inch powder-coated metal alloy or fiberglass handles.


Coastal Netting Systems

Specializes in steel pole engineering, design and manufacturing. Built highest netting system in North America - 175-foot driving range/fairway netting design and consultation.

Color-Flex Distance Markers

Flexible yardage distance markers are highly visible and made of a resilient, permanently colored material. Easy to install and safe for crosscut or diagonal mowing.

Eagle One Products

The Dual Turf 5x5 Hitting Mat features two layers made of 100 percent nylon. The straight fiber holds the ball. The curled fiber ensures the golfer has a true stance.


The Wisp's bristle system allows golfers to sift bunker sand down past the canopy of the putting surface, ensuring the best possible playing conditions throughout the day.

Fairway Products

Center fairway yardage markers with replaceable tops are collapsible and can be mowed over. They come in red for 100 yards, white for 150 yards and blue for 200 yards.

Grund Guide

The 690 fairway/tee marking system features a 7.5-inch-diameter plaque with color-coded numbers chosen by the customer. A long-term solution for yardage marking needs.

LFS Sport & Specialty Netting

Golf range netting constructed to perform, specially treated to withstand ultraviolet rays and weather. Call or email for a custom quote and netting samples.


MarkSmart golf course supplies include a variety of products to reduce grounds- keeping labor costs, improve aesthetics, increase safety and improve player enjoyment.

National Golf Graphics

The tee sign advertising program helps generate revenue for your course. Granite, plastic, redwood and cast metal options are available.

Standard Golf

Junior Tournament flagsticks are made of fiberglass and taper from a .75-inch diameter at the center point to a .5-inch diameter at the tip and ferrule. Solid colors and stripes.


The golf bag attachment combo allows golfers to securely carry their golf bags without removing the rear seat. It facilitates climbing on and off of the golf cart.

Wittek Golf Supply

Offers ball pickers, ball dispensers, mats, baskets, pails, netting, storage boxes, sign holders, rubber tees, yardage markers, flags, hazard stakes, posts and more.